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We bring to you many articles related to various aspects of bio-magnetic and alternative therapy. Our articles cover many topics, where by aiding you to uncover the different aspects of our therapies.

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Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Can Earths Magnetic Fields Heal Our Stubborn Diseases?

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Preparing Magnetic Water

Drinking Morning Water

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Curing Mental & Emotional Problems - Part II

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Breathing Therapy

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Important Health Tips

Fruits "The Life Saver"

The Fluid of Life

Healthiest Foods on Earth

Cancer: 1/3 is curable, 1/3 is preventable.

Health & Wellness Tips

A Dozen Ways Sex Helps You Live Longer

Putting a Stop to Weight Gain!

Nature's Green Healer - Super Chlorophyll

Death Begins in the COLON?

Bios Life C


"I am a retired educationist and 67 years old. Since last few years I was having problem of knee pains and stiffness. In the early stages, I tried many treatments but got no desired effects. I got my knees x-rayed and was told that the only option was knee joint replacement. I was not prepared for it. I saw an interview of Dr. Kamaljit Singh about Magnet Therapy on Doordarshan TV channel and contacted him. It gives me great pleasure to write that in few days I got unexpected relief from pains and stiffness of knee joints."

- Balwant Singh Pangli

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Dr. Kamal's Bio-Magnetic Holistic Health Centre provides drug-free treatment for relief from chronic diseases.

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Fruits contain organic acid the body can eliminate through the lungs. Contribute to the alkaline reserve and put little stress on the body.

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