Acupressure "Miraculous Cure Without Medicines" Course

Acupressure which is known by different names like Reflexology, Vita flex, Zone therapy, Concentrated Massage or Acupuncture without needles is probably the oldest system of natural treatment based on scientific technique of massage or pressure. It has triple diagnostic, curative and preventive effect. It is a unique system to diagnose the proper functioning of different internal organs; glands and nervous system are reflected in hands and feet at certain fixed locations.

It is by giving certain quantum of pressure with thumb, fingers, or any other device on the specific points in hands and feet for some time that the internal organs are stimulated and normal energy flow is restored to different parts of the body. This process helps in curing diseases and maintaining good health and beauty. It is also a trusted system to remove various body pains and tension in nervous system.

It is due to these matchless qualities that this therapy has derived attention of medical personnel as well as general public and is becoming very popular in a number of countries.

Most Suitable Therapy for the World
The menace of spurious drugs, the dangerous side effects of numerous medicines, the alarming figures of various disease and above all costly drugs are some of the pertinent health problems which are posing serious concern to our planners, men in medical profession and common people. The medical treatment and maintenance of good health can be given new orientation in the world with the large scale adoption of "Acupressure" which is the simplest way to better health. Unlike other medical systems, this therapy can be easily learnt and practised by all persons. However, one can work wonders through this therapy if one possesses medical knowledge or engaged in any other systems of medical treatment.

Acupressure can be safely applied with other means of medical treatment. A number of doctors practising Allopathic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and certain other nature cure therapies including Yoga have got marvellous results by applying Acupressure along with their respective methods of treatment.

Training and knowledge of Acupressure

In this field, Dr. Kamaljit Singh, Director and Ms Harmit Kaur Administrator of Institute have made tremendous contribution to familiarise and popularise Acupressure in almost around the world. Significantly, thousands of persons suffering from different diseases, belonging to all strata of society including persons from medical profession, coming from various parts of India, Sultanate of Oman, Malaysia, Thailand, other Western and European countries have taken treatment and training during the last sixteen years to their great satisfaction. It was indeed a unique experience for every one to get speedy recovery without medicines for a number of chronic problems.

Above all, the Bio-Magnetic Holistic Centre and Training Institute has been instrumental in imparting guidance to a large number of personnel in medical profession and other s to open Acupressure Treatment centres in their respective areas. It is due to the dedicated efforts of the Dr. Kamaljit Singh and many other devoted persons and institutions; Acupressure is now being considered as an effective method of healing for many minor and major ailments.

Encouraged by the persistent demand from many educated unemployed persons, medical practitioners, volunteers and charitable organisations from different parts of the country and world, "Bio-Magnetic Holistic Centre" has developed another wing "Dr. Kamal's Institute of Acupressure Training & Treatment Centre." The members of this organisation are undoubtedly making every endeavour for the advancement of this system.

Correspondence-cum Practical Training

The Centre has undertaken six months correspondence- cum- practical training course in Acupressure which can be joined by eligible persons at any time during the year. The course will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kamaljit Singh, Director of the Institute of Training & Treatment Centre.


Any person who has passed the O level examinations or equivalent can join this course. The person who posses medical knowledge or have passed any examination with medical subjects will certainly be able to learn the system very easily and quickly.

There is no age restriction in joining the course. As mentioned above, any person who has passed O level Examination or equivalent can join this course with a minimum age limit of 18 years.

Management of Course

The course has been derived to impart basic knowledge concerning human system and in depth know how about Acupressure to become a successful Acupressure Specialist.

Firstly, a number of lessons will be sent periodically by post or email to all enrolled persons. These lessons will contain information about different body systems, their diseases and treatment of these ailments through acupressure. All trainees are at liberty to make any query concerning these lessons. Prompt reply to their queries will be sent by the Administrator or Director of the centre.

After the despatch of all lessons, some question papers will be sent to all trainees, so as to judge their medical knowledge and understanding of acupressure system of treatment.

Practical Training

Every trainee, if he/she so desires can attend practical training at our centre from one week to two week according to his/her convenience, any time during the year. It would be our endeavour to impart compact training within the shortest possible time to all trainees.

The trainees may attend the practical training after completing the correspondence course or simultaneously with such course. As mentioned above, a trainee may attend the practical training any time according to his or her convenience but* prior intimation must be given to the Director/Administrator of the institute before reporting for the practical training.

Medium of Instructions

All correspondence notes will be sent in English and the trainees have to answer the questions in English only.

Books and Gadgets

It would be the endeavour of institute to provide certain standard books and gadgets to every trainee for which no extra charges shall be taken. Some valuable books on this system written by reputed acupressure specialists would be suggested which will greatly help the trainees to achieve greater perfection in the profession.

Recognition of the Course

It is well-known fact that Acupressure is as yet not a recognised system of medical treatment anywhere in the world although many governments are now helping certain voluntary organisations to promote various nature cure systems including Acupressure in view of their effectiveness.

During the historic visit of U.S. President, Richard M. Nixon and his wife Pat, to China in 1972, they showed deep interest in acupuncture/Acupressure which became instrumental in bringing greater attention to this pathy in USA and in some other countries. In 1977 the Acupressure Therapy was put on a test in USA and found very useful and effective. In Denmark, Reflexology is most popular of all complementary therapies and about nine to ten percent of the population of the country has tried this system to their satisfaction.

Japan has taken a lead in developing and popularising a distinct type of pressure therapy called "SHIATSU", which is also based on the principles of acupressure. Prof. Sir Park Jae Woo, a South Korean by birth, who has set up his academy in Moscow, gave Su Jok system of treatment to the world in the year 1986 which has its roots in acupressure.

In recent times, immense interest has been shown in reflexology by certain qualified health professionals in Europe, USA, Canada, Germany and many other countries including India, the place of origin. Research in Russia has endorsed this contention. On the basis of research, It is said that the art of science of acupuncture/acupressure originated in India.

The World Health Organisation is now giving attention to this therapy. The charitable organisations, religious minded people and religious institutions are adopting this as a God-given therapy and working for its propagation.


Every trainee will be awarded a certificate on completion of correspondence-cum-practical training to the effect that he/she is competent enough diagnose and treat patients independently and efficiently. The institute is having credibility for high standing and genuineness, Certificate issued by the institute/centre will have all weight-age in all circles.


A sum of US$450 will be charged as total fee for correspondence-cum-practical training including some books and gadgets connected with the system. The fee is to be paid in one installment along with the prescribed application form attached herewith.

The amount may be sent by Bank Draft or transferred by bank in favor of:

Application Form

Please download our Application Form (PDF Format). Please clearly fill in the application form and send along with the fees, as highlighted in the Fees section.

Please Note: The file will open in a new window/tab, please save the PDF document and print it out, alongside filling out all the information on the form.


All lessons sent to the trainees are copyright of the institute and must not be reproduced translated, transmitted, copied or printed in any form or displayed in whole or in parts or commercially used. The institute as a principle does not grant permission to any one to use the material for such purposes.


The institute does not expect any dispute or controversy with any trainee in any respect. However, the jurisdiction in respect of any dispute shall be under the courts at Bangkok, Thailand only.


All correspondence may be addressed to:

Dr. Kamal's Bio-Magnetic Holistic Health Centre & Training Institute
226/5, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Khlong Toey
Bangkok 10110 (THAILAND)

While making any correspondence with the training centre please write/mention your registration number which will be communicated to you on receipt of your application form.


"I am currently 31 years old and have lost my right vision. It all started 3 months ago when I was having problems with my right vision. After going to the hospital I was given eye drops, which did not help. Things got worse and after several visits at the hospital, finally I was only able to see the big 9 on the eye chart. I was told that there was a swelling on my optic nerve. I changed the hospital, and this time I was told that I have a brain tumor which is pressing on my optic nerve. By this time, I had already lost my vision. I was recommended to Dr. Kamaljit, and I showed him the MRIs, and he told me he could treat me. After 3 weeks of treatment, I have regained some of my vision. I am still undergoing treatment and hope to see everything clearly again."

- Phakham Hongpidsa

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