Acupressure/Magnetic Health Care Products

Magnetic Head Belt (KS-101)
Magnetic head belt is very useful in the treatment of all kinds of headaches, for easing mental tension, migraine, mental fatigue, sleeplessness, fits and mental retardation. It can be applied for 30 minutes each time twice daily. This belt is very useful as it saves the patient from taking various tablets which cause side effects.

Magnetic Knee Caps (KS-102 Single/KS-103 Pair)
Magnetic knee caps are very useful for the treatment of Arthritis, gout, Rheumatism, shoulder, elbow, knee, calf muscle pains and inflammatory conditions, the knee caps can be applied throughout the day and night.

Magnetic Eye Care Belt (KS-104)
Magnetic velvet eye care belt is very useful in the treatment of all types of eye troubles like dimness of vision, conjunctivitis and pain in the eyes. It can be applied for 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch, twice in a day. In case of Conjunctivitis, the red side should touch the eyes and in all other problems the blue side should touch the eyes. The eye care belt also helps in reducing the power of spectacles and in the treatment of glaucoma and cataract. The belt should be placed on closed eyes and care should be taken to ensure that the tension of the elastic band is felt on the eye brows and not on the eyes. When not in use the belt should be kept in a clean bag to avoid dust setting on it.

Magnetic Blood Pressure Belt (KS-105)
Magnetic Blood Pressure belt is very useful for maintaining normal blood pressure, It should be worn on the right wrist to control and normalise high blood pressure. Similarly in case of low blood pressure wear it on left wrist. It has to be worn whole night and day as and when required. In the case of low blood pressure, this belt should be worn on the left wrist. It is also useful for ensuring sound sleep and as such is very useful for insomnia.

Magnetic Back and Belly Belt (KS-106)
This powerful magnetic belt covers the entire belly and is very useful for disease like intestinal troubles, gastric/digestive troubles, prostrate enlargements and diseases of the uterus. It also helps in belly reduction. It can be applied throughout the day and night in acute cases. It is useful for asthma and can be applied on the lungs for 20 minutes at a stretch. It is also effective in treating acute backaches and slipped discs, in most of the cases even surgery can be avoided. It can be worn over the clothing. It is available in different sizes (Small and Large).

Magnetic Spondyloysis (Neck Belt) (KS-107)
Magnetic Neck belt has been successfully applied in the treatment of cervical spondyloysis and stiff neck, shoulder swelling etc. Its application should be for 1 to 2 hours at a stretch, twice a day, in case of acute pain, it can be applied day and night. It is also a multipurpose belt and useful for relieving pain in all parts of the body except the head, eyes and the heart.

Magnetic Diabetes/Obesity/Backache Belt (KS-108)
This magnetic belt is extremely effective in the treatment of diabetes, Obesity, Kidney Stone, Urinary problems and backache. It can be used for 24 hours (except while bathing). It gives instant relief in the case of backache, slipped discs and kidney pain. It controls diabetes by stimulating pancreas, its application reduces belly and such is very useful in the treatment of obesity. It is also useful for treating enlargement of prostrate gland and hernia.

Magnetic Hair Brush (KS-109)
Magnetic Hair brush can be used like a regular hair comb and is very useful for stopping falling of hair, premature greying of hair. It also helps in controlling the dandruff. Hair should be brushed regularly, like normal hair comb.

Magnetic Necklace (KS-110)
Magnetic necklace is a magnetic ornament which is worn around the neck and is used for getting rid of pain in any part of neck and chest, stiffness of neck, palpitation of heart and for maintaining beauty. It can be worn throughout the day and night except while bathing. No wonder it was the secret of Cleopatra's beauty and charm! It is very effective in bronchial Asthma and cervical spondyloysis also.

Magnetic ENT Blocks (KS-111)
Magnetic ENT Blocks are specifically prepared for all sorts of Ear, Nose and Throat Problems like sinus, common colds, tonsils, Bad Throat and pain in ear. Both Red(North) and Blue(South) poles are to be used together externally for 10-15 minutes on both sides of nose for sinus cold and blocked nose, twice or thrice daily or as required according to the seriousness of the problem. The Blue (South) should be placed on the site of pain, swelling and Red (North) side should be placed in case of wound, itching, cavity in teeth etc. The North Pole can be placed in the middle of forehead to improve the memory.

Magnetic Water Stand (KS-112)
The magnetized water improves digestive system, reduces tiredness as it gives relief to all vital organs of the body .It inhabits cholesterol deposition in blood vessels. It gives relief to heart and increases its efficiency. Due to being diuretic it is very effective in the problems relating to Kidney, Uterus and urinary bladder etc. It helps in relief of irregularities of menstruation and uterus. It helps to quit away Acidity, Piles, Gastric trouble; it is very effective in Asthmatic, bronchitis, common colds. The magnetized water can be used in car radiator to avoid the deposit of carbon and the pipes will never be rusted. It stops the formation of stones in the body. If used in plants a healthy and quick growth is witnessed. Its regular use during pregnancy gives birth to a healthy and smart child.

Acupressure/Magnetic/Pyramid Power Mat (KS-113)
An easy and effective device to apply pressure on all the acupressure points under the feet sole which helps to relieve gastric trouble, backache, reduces obesity, controls diabetes, increases metabolism, sexual power and maintains vital energy.

Acupressure/Magnetic Health Sole (KS-114)
Relieves mental tension, muscular aches, pains and strains in spinal cord. It helps to improve the metabolism. Reduces fatigue and restlessness. It helps to remove the nasty smell of stuffy feet.

Acupressure Magic Ball (KS-115)
This is a wonderful device to be used for pressing all the points in the hands. It helps to solve the digestive problems and problems of dislocation of solar plexus.

Jimmy (KS-116)
Jimmy is a useful device for applying pressure on the acupressure points effectively.

Magnetic Ear Rings (KS-117)
Magnetic Ear Rings makes you look and feel you wonderful all the day long. It is very effective in reducing weight and improves memory.

Magnetic Head Cap (KS-118)
The magnetic cap helps to improve memory relieve mental tension, migraine, headache and epilepsy and meditation. It is effective in curing dizziness and insomnia.

Acupressure Fingers Massager (KS-119)
It can be used to massage the fingers by applying the bearable pressure to the fingers. It is helpful for fingers stress, pain and numbness .It is flexible and can easily be used to apply pressure and massage all the fingers.

Su Jok Ring (KS-120)
It can be used to apply mild pressure on all the fingers which helps to improve the blood circulation and promotes the effectiveness of organs at large.


Giani Gurwinder Singh Komal "One fine day, I was in a prayer session and had a feeling of pain in my lower back. I was lying in my bed, and when I tried to get up from the bed, I couldnt because of the extreme pain. I called Secretary Siri Guru Singh Sabha, Bangkok and explained my pain, and was advised to contact Dr. Kamaljit Singh. After 3 hours, Dr. Kamaljit reached Bangkok from Pattaya and started the treatment. On completion of 2nd treatment by next morning, I was relieved from able to walk. After that I went to Pattaya for 3 days for regular treatment and thereafter, there is no reoccurrence of pain since the last 3 years."

- Giani Gurwinder Singh Komal

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