Health & Wellness Tips

  1. High stress, high fat intake, high life and high protein foods all contribute to our "unwellness".
  2. Urine offers clues to how your body responded to the food you ate yesterday. It also provides your best clue yet as to how you can expect to feel in future.
  3. The primary personal responsibility of each of us is to promote our own health, not merely fight disease.
  4. Medicines principal objective is to relieve pain and suffering - to make people more comfortable.
  5. Medicine cant heal. Drugs cant heal. Chiropractic cant heal. Only the body can heal. We cant do any more for the body than the body can do for itself.
  6. You can give your body the golden opportunity to continue to get better whether you are currently in your "youthful" years, your "middle" years, or your "golden" years.
  7. If your daily diet includes more protein than equivalent of two eggs, and a hamburger, your health is going downhill fast!
  8. You have a chance and a choice to be as healthy as you decide to be. You really do have the ability to help yourself feel better and be healthy.
  9. Your body doesnt know how to be sick; it knows exactly what to do to survive as long as possible.
  10. Symptoms are the signals that the body is adapting its function to survive the things we do to it.
  11. The food that fuels your body this year dictates how healthy you will be in coming years.
  12. To get down to the basics of health, illness has only three causes, term these causes; Toxicity, Timing and Thoughts.Everything that happens in the body can be traced to at least one of them.
  13. Any one of the three (Toxicity/Timing/Thoughts) can cause all sorts of symptoms, aches and pains to appear.
  14. Symptoms are warning signs that you have pushed your bodys natural healing potential too far.
  15. You are the decision maker for your life and health.
  16. Anyone who is committed to taking responsibility for his own health can reach any level of wellness he/she wants.
  17. Your actions and reactions determine how healthy you are.
  18. Feeling good is a wonderful way to live. When you are healthy you not only feel good but you can enjoy life.
  19. Lowered resistance of the body is the "Welcome" sign for germs.
  20. Your health, vitality, and resistance to disease are determined by the health of your cells. "Germs cant insist if the cells can resist."
  21. Remember, germs are not the cause of disease, low resistance is!
  22. The intelligence that made your body runs your body.
  23. The conscious mind of a man is no match for the intelligence within.
  24. Everything the body does is perfect for the conditions imposed on it. Every action and reaction in your body is perfect for prevailing conditions.
  25. Every response of the body is normal, natural or necessary.
  26. Age is no excuse for disease.
  27. Your body is alkaline by design and acid by function.
  28. Acid must be either neutralized or eliminated.
  29. To relax is to update the messages your subconscious mind is sending your muscles. With updated signals the muscles can relax. When this is done, pain is relieved.
  30. The body works only for immediate survival not towards long-term health and happiness.
  31. Emotional stress in the form of negative thoughts can have painful consequences.
  32. Stress producing thoughts are the most potent toxin producers in one's body. Foods are in the second place.
  33. Before undertaking a diet change, you need to ask yourself, why am I doing this?
  34. Fruits and vegetables supply organic sodium that replenishes your alkaline reserve and keeps your internal environment slightly alkaline.
  35. As the alkaline reserve goes, so goes your health, the greatest threat to your alkaline reserve is excess protein.
  36. How youre feeling is not your best yardstick of health.
  37. Its just as easy to be healthy as it is to be sick. Just give your body a chance by giving it the kind of foods that it works with best.
  38. Once youve started to break out in health, the first thing in your stomach should be fruit.
  39. Anyone who has had his gall bladder removed should be particularly diligent about improving his diet.
  40. Removing of an organ doesnt improve health, it may reduce symptoms.
  41. Feeling good and being healthy arent necessarily synonymous.
  42. Eating improper food sparks a physiological emergency.
  43. Quick changes in attitudes and perceptions may cause you distress. Your actions are based on your beliefs. Your beliefs are based on your past experiences.
  44. The acid you get from eating too much protein and other acid-producing foods is stronger, and it causes lots of problems.
  45. We need to know more about the relationship between food and total health.
  46. A well-tuned body doesnt run well on inferior fuel.
  47. PH indicates acidity or alkalinity and how healthy you are.
  48. Small change in PH readings represents major changes in the way your body functions.
  49. Pain or burning on urination is an indicator that reserves of neutralizing minerals are exhausted and that the body has adapted the way it functions for survival, not comfort.
  50. Pain on urination can usually be alleviated by drinking several glasses of cranberry juice a day for a few days.
  51. If the acid ash produced by food isnt neutralized, your body will become so toxic that it can no longer function.
  52. Health depends on adequate reserves of resources.
  53. You need adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables to take care of the acid that is produced by meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, seeds, nuts and grains.
  54. Fruits are acid entities that serve an alkalizing function.
  55. A health-sustaining diet is a matter of proportions.
  56. Fruits contain organic acid the body can eliminate through the lungs. Contribute to the alkaline reserve and put little stress on the body.
  57. Cellular Activity produces weak acid that can be eliminated through lungs. Does not stress the body excessively.
  58. Acid-Producing Foods leave strong acids. It must be neutralized before being eliminated through kidneys or colon. It is highly stressful to the body as it takes minerals from the alkaline reserve.
  59. Mind your manners. Never eat and run.
  60. If a person has a big meal of food that has an acidifying effect, then goes out to exercise, this person can die.
  61. The meals by itself wont kill and the exercise by itself wont either; but the two combined can. Thats why you should never exercise after a big meal.
  62. Fitness and strength are not synonymous with health.
  63. If you are high on fitness and your body is high in acid, make sure you keep your heart rate under 120 beats per minute when you exercise.
  64. If at all possible, the body always puts any substance it produces in a desirable environment.
  65. If the person doesnt eat enough fruits and eatables to provide organic sodium to work the bicarbonate buffer system, the body will take the sodium from gall bladder bile. With the sodium gone, cholesterol is left high and dry to turn into stones.
  66. With or without a gall bladder, everyone needs to eat fruits and vegetables to keep supply of neutralizing minerals replenished.
  67. You DO NOT need to be a vegetarian to be healthy! And the same token, being a vegetarian does not INSURE health.
  68. Ratios are the key factor. When you eat MORE vegetables and fruits than acid ash producing foods, your body can maintain the necessary reserve of usable sodium.
  69. Both animal and vegetable foods leave an ash. The ash of animal protein, dairy products, eggs, and grains is generally acid. The ash of most of fruits and vegetables is alkaline.
  70. Forty percent of our population eats no fruits, and twenty percent allows no vegetables to pass their lips. Is it any wonder that just about everyone you know complains of aches, pains and illness?
  71. White sugar is too potent a food for us - it stimulates physiological activity but doesnt replace the enzymes, vitamins, or minerals needed to process it.
  72. We need to realize that the way we are eating is undermining our most precious resource-our health.
  73. A word of caution: Changing your diet to a more healthful balance of acid ash and alkaline ash foods should be done slowly.
  74. Quick, radical changes may leads to long-term health but short term misery.
  75. When you decide to improve your diet, give your digestive system the same consideration you give your muscles when you undertake a new exercise program.
  76. You are healthy if your morning urine PH is 5.5 after eating meats, eggs, bread, milk, cheese, and cereal the day before.
  77. Strenuous exercise generates even more acid.
  78. If your saliva PH shows your body is already very acid, it is important that you understand that your body may not be able to continue to function under the additional acid load generated by strenuous exercise!
  79. Those whose emotional lives are stuck on anger, frustration, fear, resentment, or other negative attitudes live in a continuous mode of physiological defense, whether they are aware of it or not. They are under unrelenting internal stress. They dont relax even when theyre asleep.
  80. Each cell benefits by and contributes to the homeostatic good of the whole body.
  81. Protein is a vital to cells and life.
  82. Nourishment of your cells begins with the food you eat.
  83. We are awash with fluid - both inside and outside our cell.
  84. Our body produces acid continuously.
  85. Dietary protein must be broken down before the body can use it. Protein cant be absorbed whole.
  86. Protein is a negative energy food.
  87. Protein keeps you revved up even when youve run down.
  88. Urine that is alkaline as a result of ammonia indicates that you are in serious trouble.
  89. You must replace organic sodium in your body by eating vegetables and fruits.
  90. If you dont have organic sodium to buffer the sulfuric acid, you will have to utilize one of its backup systems.
  91. If the backup systems are used continuously, the body becomes exhausted.
  92. If we eat meat, and more meat, and more meat and fewer vegetables and fruits, we reduce the amount of sodium and other neutralizing elements in the body.
  93. The odor of ammonia in urine is a signal that the body is responding to an emergency of too little usable sodium.
  94. The odor of ammonia is usual in the rooms of patients who are in the final stages of cancer.
  95. The odor of ammonia in urine is a strong signal the body desperately needs organic sodium and that protein consumption must be reduced.
  96. Lowered resistance invites disease.
  97. Disease is a by-product of lowered resistance and lowered resistance is a by-product of an unfavorable internal environment.
  98. A true "strict vegetarian" diet that includes a lot of grains and nuts can also create acidosis problems.
  99. Remember protein is good for you in moderation. You are probably getting much more than you realize.
  100. Twenty grams of protein each day will give you all your body needs to function at its best without putting it under undue stress.


"I was suffering from severe depression and right hand thumb drop because of thumb bone degeneration. I was unable to hold the pen for signature and could not button my shirt because of pain. I tried various treatments and therapies (Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Hot and Cold packs and conventional medicines) to get rid of my problems but of no use. My elder sister recommended Dr. Kamaljit Singh Acupressure Specialist/Magnet Therapist, so I contacted him after diagnose he advised me to take regular therapy sessions at least for 3 to 4 weeks. After third session I started feeling good and pain was subsided. After 15 days I could write couple of sentences without screaming. Now it is about 3 and 1/2 years almost I am feeling about 70 % better without any medicine. I still keep taking the therapy sessions whenever I feel myself little uneasy."

- Harmeet Kaur

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