Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have great beneficial influence on human metabolism. Magnetic Therapy is recommended in the treatment of many diseases.

A magnet not only attracts iron and several other things, but it has other qualities also, not known to everyone. One of these qualities is that the magnets also attract all material humors that are in the human system.

Material means iron (pertaining to or containing iron) and humors mean any fluid or semi fluid substance in the body.

In ancient medicine, the four juices namely Blood, Phlegm, Black bile and Yellow bile of which the body was thought to be composed, were called humors.

The magnet therefore is very useful in all inflammations, influxes, diseases of bowels and uterus, and in internal as well as external diseases.

The Beneficial influence of magnets may be summed up as follows:

  1. When a magnet is applied to human body, magnetic waves pass through the tissues and the secondary currents are induced. When the current clash with the magnetic waves, they produce the impacting heat on the electrons in the body cells. The impacting heats are very effective to reduce pains and swellings in the muscles etc.
  2. Movements of hemoglobin in blood vessels are accelerated and calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood are decreased. Even the other unwanted materials that stick to inner side of blood vessels, which provoke high blood pressure, are decreased and made to vanish. The blood is cleaned and the circulation is increased. The activity of heart eased, fatigue and pains disappear.
  3. Functions of autonomic nerves are normalized so that the internal organs controlled by them regain their proper function.
  4. Secretion of hormones is promoted with the result that skin gains luster, youth is preserved and all ailments due to lack of hormones secretion are relieved and cured.
  5. Blood and lymph circulation are activated and therefore, all nutrition is easily and efficiently carried to every cell of the body. This helps in promoting general metabolism.
  6. Magnetic waves penetrate the skin, fatty tissues and bones, invigorating the organs. The result is greatly enhanced resistance to diseases.
  7. The magnetic flux promotes health and provides energy by eliminating disorders in and stimulating the functions of various systems of the body, namely the circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary.
  8. The magnetic treatment works by reforming, refining and promoting the growth of cells rejuvenating the tissues of the body, strengthening of new sound blood corpuscles the decayed and inactive corpuscles and increasing the number of new sound blood corpuscles.
  9. Magnets have exceptional curative effects on certain complaints like toothache, stiffness of shoulder and other joints, pains and swellings, cervical spondyloysis, eczema, asthma as well as on chilblains, injuries and wounds.
  10. The self-curative faculty (homeostasis) of the body is improved and strengthened which ensures all the benefits mentioned above. One feels in full vigor and can walk and work more and more without feeling tired.
  11. Magnetic treatment has the effect of energizing all systems of the body. The effect remains in the body for several hours after each sitting with the magnets. The continuous treatment for a week or two, once daily for about 30 minutes, takes the patient from morbid condition to normal state of health in general routine cases.

As magnets works on human metabolism mainly through the circulation of the blood, this contains hemoglobin and iron, it will be relevant to state the position of iron contained in the body. The adult human body contains 4-5 grams of iron and it can be traced in all parts of the body. Most of it is present in the blood as component of hemoglobin and a smaller amount remains in the muscles and is called myoglobin. The function of these components is to carry oxygen from the lungs to muscles and other parts. Without iron, there would be no energy and without energy; the beating of the heart and respiration would stop. Thus we see that iron is very essential for our life and magnets influenced iron radically and magnificently.


"I was suffering from severe depression and right hand thumb drop because of thumb bone degeneration. I was unable to hold the pen for signature and could not button my shirt because of pain. I tried various treatments and therapies (Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Hot and Cold packs and conventional medicines) to get rid of my problems but of no use. My elder sister recommended Dr. Kamaljit Singh Acupressure Specialist/Magnet Therapist, so I contacted him after diagnose he advised me to take regular therapy sessions at least for 3 to 4 weeks. After third session I started feeling good and pain was subsided. After 15 days I could write couple of sentences without screaming. Now it is about 3 and 1/2 years almost I am feeling about 70 % better without any medicine. I still keep taking the therapy sessions whenever I feel myself little uneasy."

- Harmeet Kaur

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