Curing Mental & Emotional Problems - Part I

Like physical ailments, there are numerous mental and emotional problems which disturb the equilibrium of the body. There are certain diseases that arise primarily from internal influences like depression though there may be many other factors too for such maladies. Some mental problems are triggered off by external influences such as alcohol and drugs. Some people are overwhelmed by sorrow and trivial crisis and other misshapenness in which majority of other persons boldly face in the same or more adverse circumstances or at least try to reconcile with the difficult vicissitudes.

In probing and treating mental illness, one must keep in mind the chemistry of the brain which plays an important role in such diseases. Besides involvement of brain, personality factors also leads to some mental problem like anxiety, over sensitiveness, fear, sadness, disappointment, too much stress and tension, lack of energy, excessive haste, anger and emotional outburst also cause many mental diseases.


Depression is a medical condition that leads to intense feeling of sadness or despair. There is hardly any person who does not feel depressed once in a while. The occasional feeling of depression is not a mental illness, unless a person finds it very difficult to lift himself out of his misery and lead a normal life like healthy persons. There are two major types of depression. The first type is called Reactive Depression which is caused due to excessive emotional stress like sudden and shocking death of a loved one, unbearable financial loss or some other disturbing events. The second type of depression is termed as Endogenous which takes place from within, without any apparent external cause. This type of depression is usually caused by a chemical change within brain. It is serious mental illness and needs medical help.

It is a matter of great concern that the incidence of depression is fast increasing in recent years, especially in urban areas. Depression can occur at any stage, but usually strikes around 40 years of the age. It is more common among women than men. Once the depression has overpowered the body, many symptoms become apparent. Besides melancholy, certain physical problems like loss of energy, decrease in appetite, insomnia, constipation, headache, vague of body pains, diminished or no interest in sex, intense misery, negativity and self doubt, giddiness, palpitations, dryness of mouth and blurred vision take place. Depression is also associated with many medical problems. These include paralysis, cerebral stroke, and brain tumor, inflammation of the liver, influenza and cancer of the pancreas.

Severe depression leads to feeling of total hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, loss of weight and withdrawal into self- and non-responsiveness. Mild transitory depression is experienced by a few women associated with pre- menstrual tension. Similarly, the onset of menopause leads to depression in a large number of women. Depression is also seen in some women after child birth and is caused by certain physical changes in the body. This type of depression is called four day blues which in majority of women vanishes within days. This type of depression is characterized by malaise, irritability, poor and restless sleep and constant tiredness. Sometimes, depression may be associated with diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Psychological treatment and behavior therapy undoubtedly help to a great extent in combating the problem of depression. The person suffering from depression has to be educated about the realities of life and the need for inculcating positive outlook. Exercise, massage deep breathing, laughter and meditation help in curing depression. Above all Acupressure & Magnet Therapies are found to be very useful in removing negative thoughts and building positive outlook, which is very essential to cure depression.


Anxiety is an integral part of our daily life. No one can completely avoid it and no one can progress without having normal anxiety. It, however, becomes an illness if it lasts longer than the situation warrants and interferes with the individuals daily activities and puts extra ordinary pressure on ones mind. In medical terms, anxiety has some cause whether physical or psychological.

All those persons, who are sufferers of anxiety experience obnoxious feelings characterized by certain type of fear, apprehension and uncertainty. The sufferers terms such dispositions by physical ailments but these are mainly disorders of emotions.

Anxiety is very common form of physiological disorder. It is somewhat more common in women than men. Adolescents and elderly are especially susceptible. An overactive thyroid gland also becomes instrumental in causing anxiety in a number of persons.

Like all other physical and mental problems, anxiety too needs timely treatment. If severe anxiety is left untreated, the sufferer gradually becomes depressed or becomes victim of many stress related physical ailments.

If the anxiety caused by a specific stress or any other problem, the first endeavor should be to remove that cause. Various techniques of relaxation, meditation and yoga can considerably lessen the severity of symptoms. Acupressure & Magnet Therapy has been tried on number of anxiety patients. It has given marvelous results not only minimizing the ill effects but also in curing it completely.


Amanda Phasook "I came to see you after watching your interview on Pattaya Mail Telivision. I was very much impressed with your way of diagnose as you have told me all my body ailments by pressing my points on my foot sole and palms. I am very much happy with the treatment that by regularly drinking magnetized water and taking the therapy for couple times/week. My back pain has gone and my periods are normal and regular."

- Amanda Phasook

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