Preparing Magnetic Water

Easy Methods of Making Your Own

It is so easy to prepare Magnetic Water that even an illiterate person can prepare this water with complete ease. Where the water is being prepared for special purposes, then it is better to have some information of the type of disease to be treated, plus some knowledge of the person concerned as Magnetic Water can be prepared for special purposes. In the same manner as Ayuvede tells us the nature of diseases (e.g. 1-Vatt, 2-Pitt, 3-Cough), Magnetic Water can similarly be classified into three categories, so Magnetic Water is as equally effective as a powerful magnet; (Magnetic Water contains all the qualities of the magnet upon which it is prepared). We can therefore conclude that this water contains all qualities of Physical, Chemical & Methodological, and therefore acts upon the bodys life force, giving it the full Prana Shalcti life force. For the education of both our readers and the users, Magnetic Water can be divided into three types; - Namely South Pole Water, plus North Pole Water and also Bi-Polar Water.

Preparation of Magnetic Water

Here in this article, we are only concerned with the common use of B-Polar Water, and thus have limited our comments to the preparation of the most common type of Magnetic Water. Take a strong magnet for which you intend to prepare magnetic water; (This can be either north or south pole oriented), then find a suitable tumbler that will sit on the upper surface magnet. From a medical point of view, glass vessels are the best for preparing Magnetic Water, because they are have no acidic or alkaline reaction with a magnet. Vessels made from earthenware, brass , silver, steel, iron & copper, can be used, but are not as effective, and certain techniques must be observed regarding the placement of the magnet in relation to the glass, and these can be divided into three sections:

  • Preparing Single Pole Water
    The vessel must be placed directly on the surface of the magnet, with the base of the vessel or glass in direct contact with the magnetic pole required. The vessel is left in this position for several hours, and some find it more convenient to leave it overnight so that the magnetized water can be consumed early the next morning.
  • The Preparation of Bi-Polar Water
    This is done by placing two high powered magnets side-by-side at a distance of at least 1-2 (2.5 50 cm.) apart; - This is necessary to create the desired magnetic field between the two poles. It is very interesting to note that if the two magnets are kept together, the polarity of the North Pole may dominate that of the South Pole; - This creates a field of non-healing, and activates an acidic force, so the poles of both of these magnets should be opposed to each other. For example, if one magnet is facing upwards with the North Pole, then the second magnet should face upwards with the South Pole. This technique can be done more conveniently by using a Matlea water stand, magnetic disc and magnetic water glass.
  • Selecting The Power of Magnets
    For best results it is recommended that the power of the magnets should be between a 1,000 - 2,000 gauss reading; (gauss is a scientific measurement to determine magnetic power of various items). In this regard, it is necessary to use such power in order to kill any harmful bacteria in the water. Lower powered magnets may ionize the water, but it will take a long time to have the effect of producing high quality Magnetic Water, and chronic types of diseases require more powerfully magnetized water to bring them under control. Thus, it is better to prepare Magnetic Water with powerful or super high powered magnets, if you want to get miraculous results.

Drinking Magnetic Water

After the preparation of Magnetic Water, it is best to be taken morning and evening, one hour before meals, but it can also be taken during the day on a needs basis. Most people like to drink cold water during the summer season, but from a medical point of view, cold water is a creator of coughs and constipation. It slows down your bowel actions, and even decreases the breathing capabilities of your body. Furthermore, when cold water is consumed in large quantities, it slows down the blood circulation within the body, so health conscious people are advised not to drink very cold water regularly. If people want to use cold water due to some personal compulsion, then they are advised to drink it in small sips, or keep it un-refrigerated for some time, to allow it to normalise to room temperature.

The best method for the consumption of Magnetic Water is to take a volume of it early in the morning, then only take it in small sips during the day. If you must drink cold Magnetic Water, then you are advised to use a Bi-Polar Water Stand, and place it in a refrigerator for the preparation of your Magnetic Water, in order to keep it free from bad effects. Magnetic Water that is made using this technique must not be made hotter or colder, as this would destroy some of the valuable medical properties of such water.

Specific Illness Treatments

As we stated previously, the treatment of specific illnesses depends on the nature of both the disease and the patient, and patients of a Vatt (Air) nature, should take Bi-Polar magnetized water. Conversely, people of Cough nature, should take North Pole Water, and Pitt nature people, (who exhibit signs of heat and acidity), should be consuming water prepared with the help of the South Pole. It has been found during research, that South Pole water is more commonly used, and that generally North Pole Water is used only to boost or improve the immune system. (For further information on this subject do not hesitate to contact the author of this article, Dr. Kamaljit Singh).


J. Alan Wilcox "As it happened, I read about Dr. Kamaljit Singh in The Pattaya Times. This was very fortuitous for me as I was suffering from an enlarged prostate gland and had great difficulty in passing urine. I was given two options by the local hospital in Pattaya, the first was immediate surgery and the second was taking lifelong medication to keep my water flow regular; neither option was welcome to me. As a result of the publication on the newspaper, I made my way to Dr. Kamaljits clinic and after eighteen sessions, I feel really fit and well. I believe I am completely healed and now looking forward to travel back to Sydney, Australia."

- J. Alan Wilcox

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