Drinking Morning Water

The First Step Towards A Healthy Life

Health is a phenomenon concerning almost all casts, creeds and societies of the world, and every individual over twenty years of age is affected today from one or another of a wide variety of diseases. Science has put a tremendous amount of research into finding the secrets of the human body, but many individuals are responsible for creating new diseases every day. New medicines are developed almost daily, without controlling the spreading of new ailments, and a research study revealed that nobody is more than 80% healthy.

Holistic Healing Principles
The principles of Holistic Healing are that health is within the body, but people are searching outside their bodies with doctors and at the doors of hospitals. According to the ancient Indian pathy known as the Ayurveda Theories, health is a state of balance within the five basic elements of the body. It can be noted today that today in society, even illiterate individuals are well aware of the names of different medicines, but each day more complex diseases arrive, because each medicine creates approximately fourteen other diseases, (due to its side effects). Ancient Indian holy books have mentioned that health is seated within the body, and this can be maintained very easily with the help of non-invasive aids, such as acupressure, magnetic therapy, yoga, meditation, and naturopathic treatments. However, modern man has no time for these treatments due to the complexity of life with its commercialisation, so holistic healers have developed new techniques to match these situations. Under these treatments, people are required to alter their body postures, habits and activities, according to the individual requirements for them to have a healthy body. There is no necessity for them to use any money on buying medicines, or spend two or three hours practising yoga or meditation.

Water Therapy Theories
According to the Ayurveda (Indian Therapy), man is a combination of five basic elements known as Ether, Air, Earth, Water & Fire, which are again controlled by Tridoshas (Triple Faults), namely Watt (air), Pitt (acids), Kapha (coughs). The weakness or overpowering of any one of them, is the root cause of illnesses within the body, and sometimes these three forces are noted for their properties of neutral (Watt), positive (Pitt), and negative (Cough). The balancing of these three dominating tri-forces are the basis for the existence of the universe, and of the five basic elements discussed previously, Air & Water are neutral, Fire & Ether are positive, with Earth representing the negative force.

According to the science of Holistic Healing, the above five basic elements are represented by the different families of organs within ourselves, and thus the creation of the Universe takes place inside and outside our bodies. These different families of organs within ourselves, are individual units of negative and positive forces, which are controlled by the neutral force; - (i.e. The Grandfather of our bodies), and thus the body develops as a combined unit of these forces. These three forces are inter-connected, so in direct terms they are related through compassion, love, hate, support, nourishment and exploitation, etc, and according to physiology, the most dominating force in our bodies is water. Our bodies contain 70% water, thus it follows that water has the capacity to cute 70% of our bodys disorders, due to its natural dominance in our bodies.

Morning Magnetic Water
The first step towards good health is consuming morning water, because it is the greatest cleanser, neutraliser, diuretic, sudatory, and anti-bacterial growth agent. In a nut-shell, water is the nectar, that has a combination of properties cleanses the body, and rejuvenates diseased cells, so an extension of this is Magnetized Water, which has the best properties gained from the water itself, plus additional benefits from magnetic treatment. Oxygen and hydrogen are the elements that keep the body fresh and relatively free from carbon. Thus, water has the capacity to maintain health, and we can all benefit from natures free gift for good health, without falling into the trap of taking medicines. Water taken in the morning thirty minutes before sunrise is known as holy water and is known as Ushapan in the Indian language, or Water Therapy in English.

Early in the morning after a long nights rest, each of our bodys organs is waiting for the fresh energy of water, due to its hydrogen and oxygen content, which nourishes the body; - (Oxygen gives breathing power to the body, so it is the basis of life). Water, due to its above mentioned qualities, affects each and every organ of the body, and neutralises any disturbed energy, which may be due to wrong thinking processes, incorrect sleeping postures and other unbalancing activities during the night.

The Silent Disease Killer
Scholars of Magnetic Therapy believe that Magnetic Water, due to its qualities of ionization, acidic/alkaline rigidity, collective capacity and transportation, can eradicate enumerated diseases, without the help of medicines. Magnetic Water can nourish the five basic elements of the body, and allows it to develop as beautiful, healthy and strong. Due to its effects on the blood, a wide range of aliments, digestion problems, menstruation troubles, and skin diseases are usually cured as if by magic. Thus the early morning drinking of Magnetic Water is in fact a health drink that rejuvenates, cleans and reforms the functioning of your body, and is indeed a very important step to maintaining good health.


"I am a retired educationist and 67 years old. Since last few years I was having problem of knee pains and stiffness. In the early stages, I tried many treatments but got no desired effects. I got my knees x-rayed and was told that the only option was knee joint replacement. I was not prepared for it. I saw an interview of Dr. Kamaljit Singh about Magnet Therapy on Doordarshan TV channel and contacted him. It gives me great pleasure to write that in few days I got unexpected relief from pains and stiffness of knee joints."

- Balwant Singh Pangli

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