Bio-Magnetic Therapy Treatments

Dr. Kamal's Bio-Magnetic Holistic Health Centre provides drug-free treatment for relief from chronic diseases such as imsonia, migraine, depression, headache, neck, back, knee and joint pains, cancer, constipation, gastric trouble and impotency (sexual problems). The centre's core approach is based on its non-invasive diagnostics through Acupressure and treatment through Bio-Magnetic Therapy.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy is an alternative medicine, a drug-free form of treatment and one of the safest long term remedies available. It relies on the application of the magnetic field of electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets to the body for purported health benefits. These benefits may be specific, as in the case of wound healing, or more general, as for increased energy and vitality.

Countless numbers of people around the world are now using magnets, as an alternative to drugs, and this therapy is usually prescribed primarily to relieve muscle joint pains. However, magnetic treatments are occasionally used for headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various other pains as well. Among their many applications are muscle strains, sprains of the spine, neck or limbs, hip pain, arthritis, and chronic pelvic pain. Magnetic fields are also used to speed up the healing of bone fractures and some proponents of this form of treatment even advocate magnets to relieve stress, combat infections and even prevent seizures.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy is also sometimes know by other names:

  • Magnet Therapy
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Magnotherapy

Acupressure "The Non-Invasive Diagnostics & Healing" System

Acupressure, as the name suggests, is a system of alternative medicine that uses pressure to simulate energy and remove blockages. Among the thousands of nerve endings on the sole of each foot and palm of each hand, there are "reflex areas" that communicate with all areas of your body & brain. All parts of our body are symmetrically represented in the palms and soles. These reflex areas become correspondingly sensitive with a disorder in the part of the body to which they are related.

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Ultrasonic Ozone Bath & Hydro Therapy

Hydrotherapy has been renowned for centuries for its healing properties. Our Ozone Bath Therapy lets you enjoy the latest in hydrotherapy, combining three of nature's most powerful elements, heat, water and air. Ease mental stress, bathe away physical fatigue, relax tense muscles and boost energy levels, while you cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. The Ultrasonic Ozone Bath is effective as it combines the use of hydrotherapy, thermal (heat) therapy and aromatherapy in anti-stress relief and as an alternative non-drug, non-surgery treatment of certain conditions.

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FAR Infrared Sauna "The Gift of Sweat" System

In today's environment, we are exposed to excessive amounts of toxins and impurities, from the air we breathe, the water we take in and the food we consume. Our body has 5 major organs to remove these impurities, namely kidneys, lungs, intestines/colon, liver and skin. Out of these 5 organs, the skin is the largest organ and is able to remove toxins from the body by sweating. Unfortunately, in our temperature-controlled environment, designed to be cool and comfortable, we have prevented or reduced sweating. As such, the human body is exposed to an unprecedented level of toxicity. This is the main cause of today's diseases as the human body cannot remove toxins from the body faster than it takes in. Our FAR Infrared Sauna allows you to experience the gift of sweat in a relaxed environment. With carbon fiber heating technology that generates far infrared, which further causes vibrations at the cell level, alowing our body to excrete out toxins that naturally we may not be able to excrete.

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Blood Circulatory Massage

Looking, feeling and performing your best takes more than eating right and studying hard. Exercise is one of the necessary ingredients in the formula for achieving the strength, stamina and attitude to be successful in your academic and social life. Your body is a unique combination of two sections - physical and mental. Excersise has many psychological as well as physical benefits. It can improve the quality of your by releasing the negative effects of built-up stress. It will help you relax and even sleep better, thereby improving your academic performance and concentration. Exercising is one way to maintain sound health. Our Blood Circulatory Massage (BCM) is one of the most effective exercise device for restoring circulation of lymph and blood.

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Biofeedback / Neurofeedback

Biofeedback is a technique in which people are trained to improve their health by learning to control certain bodily processes that normally occur invluntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and skin temperature. These activities can be measured with electrodes and displayed on a monitor that both the participant and his or her practitioner can see. The monitor provides feedback to the participant about the internal working of his or her body. This person can then be taught to use information to gain control over these "involuntaty" activities.

Neurofeedback is specically used for the management of stress, depression, insomnia, concentration problem in children and adult, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in children and adult, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in children and adult, headaches and many more ailments.

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Amanda Phasook "I came to see you after watching your interview on Pattaya Mail Telivision. I was very much impressed with your way of diagnose as you have told me all my body ailments by pressing my points on my foot sole and palms. I am very much happy with the treatment that by regularly drinking magnetized water and taking the therapy for couple times/week. My back pain has gone and my periods are normal and regular."

- Amanda Phasook

Holistic Therapies

Dr. Kamal's Bio-Magnetic Holistic Health Centre provides drug-free treatment for relief from chronic diseases.

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