Acupressure "The Non-Invasive Diagnostics, Healing & Prevention" System

 In Dr. Kamaljit's words, "Acupressure Therapy is the most precious gift to mankind".

Acupressure, as the name suggests, is a system of alternative medicine that uses pressure to simulate energy and remove blockages. Among the thousands of nerve endings on the sole of each foot and palm of each hand, there are "reflex areas" that communicate with all areas of your body & brain. All parts of our body are symmetrically represented in the palms and soles. These reflex areas become correspondingly sensitive with a disorder in the part of the body to which they are related. Organs or parts on the right side of the body have their reflex areas on the right foot & right hand. Organs on the left side of the body have their reflex areas on the left foot & left hand. Organs extending past the middle or centre of the body will have reflex areas on both feet and hands.

Three-Fold Benefits of Acupressure:

  1.  Diagnosis: Instant and proper diagnosis - medical checkup without any tests.
  2. Cure: Cure of all types of diseases including that of cancer/brain problems.
  3. Prevention: Prevention of all types of diseases includes heart problem, paralysis and even cancer.

Non-Invasive Diagnostics

 Our diagnosis methodology before any treatment begins with Dr. Kamaljit pressing against the sole of the feet and palms with acupressure instruments. If our patients have their reports (and/or x-rays) from their previous doctors, they can bring them along. Upon righfully diagnosing the ailments in the body, Dr. Kamaljit will prescribe the treatments necessary.

Curing of Ailments

Acupressure promotes the body own healing power. When key acupressure points on the surface of skin are pressed, muscular tension is released, and the circulation of blood and the body vital life energy, which the Chinese call "chi" energy, is promoted. Acupressure can be used to treat numerous conditions; among them are effects of daily stress, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, aches and pains, allergies, menstrual difficulties, fatigue, anxiety and back pain. Acupressure also plays a very useful role to increase vitality and solve men sex related problems.

Long-term Preventive Medicine

Cure is done at two levels, the first being the treatment of a problem that has already occured, and the latter being one of preventing recurrence. Acupressure Health Care products can be prescribed for use at your home and office for use during your free time.