Acupressure to Increase Vitality & Solve Sex Problems

 Acupressure plays a very useful role to increase vitality and solve men’s sex related problems except the venereal diseases. The sex related problems of men are usually results from an unbalanced development due to disturbance in sex glands. In most of the cases, young patients between the age of 18-20 years or even mature adults do not talk about their sex problems such as masturbation, emission of semen in erotic dreams, wet dreams, premature ejaculation or general disease, and HIV/AIDS. They try to mislead the practitioners regarding symptoms like loss of appetite, memory loss, and early tiredness, general debility, or burning sensation in the body.

In such cases root cause are two main reasons – physical and psychological problems. Because of these two main reasons only sex life of men becomes dull and unhappy. Men’s sex-related general problems can be summed up as follows:

The inability in men to achieve an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. This is a normal problem of men, according to psychologists after 40 years of life every one person out of three may be suffering Impotence. There are various reasons for this such as mental tension and stress, tiredness, longtime illness, use of alcohol. Shakespeare’s porter in Macbeth knew about the effects of alcohol when he said “drink provides the desire, but takes away the performance.” Impotence often leads to anxiety to subsequent failure to get an Erection. Premature ejaculation is sometimes preliminary to impotence.

Premature Ejaculation 
During the process of sexual intercourse the man gets discharged very soon is known as premature ejaculation problem. It has two categories:
1) Before starting the sexual activities the man gets discharged only just touching the woman is called “ejaculation ante portas”.
2) The moment sexual activities are started and man gets discharged is called “ejaculation post portas”. In this case the man gets upset and sad and the woman also looses her interest in the sex. This happens because of nervous system problems and psychological reasons.
Spermatorrhea Abnormal 
Involuntary discharge of semen, without orgasm. In this case man gets discharged without lady’s contact. This problem mostly occurs in the youth.

In this case semen is getting out before or after passing the urine or sometimes it comes out with urine and makes the sexual weakness in the body.

Sterility in Men 
Some men complete the sexual intercourse but do not have active sperms to produce baby.
Losses of Sexual Desire 
Some men have no interest in sex due to some physical and psychological disorders. So they refrain from sex.
Enlarged Prostate Gland 
This problem is found to some extent in most men over middle age. In some cases enlargement causes symptoms by obstructing the out flow of urine at the bladder neck and by causing frequency of urination.

Diseases of Testis 
There are several diseases of men’s testis like swelling, pain or deposits of water etc. This happens in old age and also by bad eating habits. This can be cured with medical practitioner’s treatment plus acupressure therapy.
Veneral Diseases 
The cause of venereal disease is having unprotected sex with prostitutes or the degeneration of prostate gland, due to bacterial infection; it can be either acute or chronic. In case of venereal disease, the patient would have regular or causal burning sensation while urinating.
If there is a tenderness or pain on the reflex points of spleen and sex organs it indicates the infection of HIV, because such infection affects the blood and damage the spleen. In such cases all members of family are to be investigated by giving pressure on spleen and sex reflex points located at palms and sole.