Copper, Silver, Gold & Iron-Charged Water

It has been found that the following minerals are useful for treating diseases connected with the organs as shown below:

  • Copper: Useful for all diseases and problems connected with the nervous system i.e. High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Polio, Tension and Leprosy.
  • Silver: Useful for the diseases of the organs connected with digestive system and the urinary system.
  • Gold: Useful for disorders of the breathing system, lungs, heart, brain and is a general tonic.
  • Iron: Proper quantity of iron in the blood is utmost necessary because they carry oxygen and supplies it all over the body and thus increases stamina.

How to Prepare the Charged Water

Take a copper vessel, if readily available. In that case copper is not to be included while boiling. Otherwise stainless steel vessel or even earthen pot can be used. Do not use Aluminum or brass vessel.

Put 60 grams of pure copper plate/ingots/wire or 6 to 8 copper coins, 30 to 60 grams of silver-pure bullion or pure coins(.999 purity), 15 to 30 grams of gold pure bullion gold coin or ornaments (chain or bangles not enameled of 22 carat gold. In case of deficiency of iron in blood, anemia or during pregnancy, 60 grams of rust free piece of iron (nails, etc) in four glasses of water and boil it. Boil away 25% of water, that is, retain 3 out of 4 glasses of water after boiling. Filter this water, and keep it on high power magnets (north and south poles) to make the magnetized water.

If possible drink this lukewarm or hot water during the day. Drinking of one glass of such water as the first thing in the morning is very beneficial. When this water is reduced to 50% it becomes medicine-best antibiotic and is a must in the treatment of all serious diseases.

In acute cases this water may be boiled down to one glass or even half a glass. When you drink such concentrated water avoid sour things like lemon, sour buttermilk etc.

This charged water is found useful for good health. But it is a must for the treatment of any problem connected with the improper flow of the current of bio-electricity i.e. high blood pressure, polio, rheumatism, arthritis, paralysis, chronic diseases including cancer. The use of concentrated gold charged water has given wonderful results in the case of mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, T.B., heart attack, etc and is a good brain tonic too.