Role of Holistic Therapies to Quit Smoking

“Everyone knows how bad smoking is, but it is actually worse.” –Dr.Kamaljit

The effects of smoking on human health are serious and in many cases, deadly. There are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke; 200 of which are toxic and known to be poisonous. The ingredient in cigarette affects everything from the internal functioning of organs to the efficiency of the body’s immune system. The effects of cigarette smoking are destructive and wide spread.

Toxic ingredients in cigarette smoking travel throughout the body, causing damage in several different ways:

  1. Nicotine: It reaches the brain within 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. It has been found in every part of the body and breast milk.
  2. Carbon Mono-oxide: It binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, preventing affected cells from carrying a full load of oxygen.
  3. Cancer causing agents “Carcinogens” in tobacco smoke damage important genes that control the growth of cells, causing them to grow abnormally or to reproduce too rapidly.
  4. The carcinogen benzo Pyrenees binds to cells in airways and major organs of smokers.
  5. Smoking affects the function of immune system and may increase the risk for respiratory and other infections.
  6. There are several likely ways that cigarette smoke does its damage. One is oxidative stress that mutates DNA, promotes arthritis sclerosis, and leads to chronic lungs injury. Oxidative stress is thought to be the general mechanism behind the aging process, contributing to the development of cancer and cardio vascular disease.
  7. The body produces antioxidants to help repair damaged cells. Smokers have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood than to non-smokers.
  8. Smoking is associated with higher levels of chronic inflammation, another damaging process that result in oxidative stress.
  9. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among the smokers. And on a global level, researchers report that there were 1,690,000 premature deaths from cardio-vascular disease among smokers in year 2000. In contrast, there were approximately 850,000 lung cancer deaths during the same year and 118,000 COPD deaths from smoking in 2001 worldwide.

Many smokers use cigarettes as their choice to control stress. Nicotine is the reason one continues to depend on cigarette. The most common reason includes, “Smoking gives me more energy. I smoke to keep from slowing down. I reach for a cigarette when I need a lift, when I am tired, smoking perks me up.”


Stop Smoking Plan (START):

S>> Set a quit date.

T>> Tell family, friends and co-workers that you plan to quit.

A>> Anticipate and plan for the challenges you shall face while quitting.

R>> Remove cigarette and other tobacco products from your home, car and work.

T>> Talk to your doctor or practitioner about getting help to quit.


How does Holistic Therapies Help?



Acupressure is a non-invasive, drug free treatment that can be used to alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses and disorders. By putting pressure on certain points throughout the body, corresponding to the meridians or energy centres, energy blockages are removed, allowing the body function in optimal health.

This approach may prove beneficial to stop and quit smoking in a number of ways. By strengthening the body’s natural processes acupressure may help flush out toxins, thereby alleviating the discomfort of with drawl from nicotine or other harmful substances. It promotes relaxation, which addresses any underlying stress that could be contributing to smoking habits.

Acupressure has been found to show rapid, lasting and impressive results, particularly in helping people get through the difficult nicotine with drawl stage with fewer unpleasant side effects than usual.

Far Infra Red System

Toxins such as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, mercury and carcinogenic heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel), accumulate in the body during modern life. The body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating but process is sometimes too slow. Speeding up this process may be if you have been exposed to high levels of certain toxins.

Far infrared therapy stimulates the sweat glands speeding up body’s natural process. This allows quickly cleansing and detoxifying the body. Those trying to quit smoking far infra sauna system are very helpful and useful to assist in washing nicotine from the body.

Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy is a form of behavior therapy in which an aversive (causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgust) stimulus paired with an undesirable behavior in order to reduce or eliminate that behavior.

Bio-feed Back & Neuro-feed Back Programme

To stop smoking with bio-feed back and neuro-feed back programme, is a clinically tested and highly effective system to help you to quit smoking forever.

The programme is unique and comprehensive; it includes the state of art cognitive behavioural techniques from the field of psychology specially developed to help smokers to quit smoking using the powerful technology of bio feed back and Neuro feed back. It will help you to develop an understanding of smoking habit, provide effective techniques to make quitting easier and train you in deep relaxation without consuming pills and hence no side effects.

Ultra Sonic Bubble Massage Bath

Water is also an important medium via which nutrients are transported and waste products eliminated in the body.

Scientific research has shown that combination of warmth, buoyancy, water pressure and ultra sonic waves in water has a massaging effect on the body, causing it to warm up quickly. At the same time, it relaxes the muscles and boost energy level, cleansing, beautifying and exercising. As the ultrasonic bubble surge through the water, they thoroughly cleanse the pores of the skin, which helps with detoxification and increases metabolism.

Magnetized Water

Scientists have proved that a magnetic field influences the progress of crystallization in solutions and increases the number of crystallization centers. Many experiments have been made in Russia with magnetized water and very useful results have been noticed that continuous use of magnetized water improves digestion, increases appetite and reduces excess of acids and bile. It helps in proper movements of bowels and expels poison, unwarranted salts, morbidity from the body.

Explore your options in stop smoking methods. Remember, your desire to change is key, so start by becoming very clear about your goals. A well designed plan is your best chance for success. Start taking steps towards better health today – you and your loved ones deserve it!!!