Therapeutic Effects of Magnetized Water

Water is a transparent fluid, which has no color, odor or shape of its own. It takes the shape of its container and the color, odor and taste of other things mixed with it.

Thus, it assimilates the properties of other things. Accordingly, when the properties of magnet are absorbed in water by continuous contact between the two, the water gets magnetized and manifests its beneficial effects in almost all ailments when taken internally for some considerable time.

Scientist has proved that a magnetic field influences the progress of crystallization in solutions and increases the number of crystallization centers.

It is also been established that many physical and chemical properties of water undergo changes when it is exposed even for a friction of seconds to the influence of a weak magnetic field. The changes take place in its boiling temperature, density, electrical conductivity, surface tension and viscosity and new properties exist for several days.

Many experiments have been conducted in Russia with magnetized water and very useful results have been noticed in different fields of technology. It has been found that magnetized water has been proved beneficial in some industrial purposes.

Scientists have therefore, arrived at a conclusion that the magnetic field can influence biological process as well and proved that the force of magnetism has a great influence on the living organism.

If the invisible force of magnetism is transferred to some other substances which are capable of absorbing it within itself, and then the magnetized substance is administered into it and is assimilated by any living organism, such assimilation naturally has it effects on living organism.

When the permanent magnet is kept in continuous contact with water for considerable time, the water is not only influenced by the magnetic flux of the magnet, but becomes magnetized and acquires magnetic properties. Such magnetized water has its effect on the human body when taken internally regularly for a considerable period.

Magnetized Water helps to cure all diseases

The experience on long use of magnetized water, prepared from the healing vibrations of permanent magnets, has proved beyond doubt that it helps to cure almost all diseases and especially beneficial in disorder of digestive, nervous and urinary system.

 The continuous use of magnetized water improves digestion, increases appetite and reduces excess of acids and bile. It helps in proper movements bowels and expels poison, unwanted salts and morbidity from the body.

The use of magnetized water has helped women in the regularization of their menses.

The magnetized water can also help to clear the clogged arteries, normalize circulatory system and regulates the functioning of heart.

The magnetized water helps in kidney trouble and aids in facilitating excretion of urine, If there is a difficulty urinating administration of one ounce of magnetized water mixed with one ounce of simple water in quick succession of 5 to 10 minutes for 8-10 times will make the patient to pass the urine. At a clinic in Leningrad, patients suffering from stone in the kidneys drank magnetized water which helped them to wash out the salts and stones from the bodies.

The magnetized water is effective in the treatment of all kinds of fevers, all sorts of pains, asthma, bronchitis, colds, and cough headaches etc.

The use of magnetized water is economical, safe and simple. Magnetized water can be easily prepared in every home if some magnets are available. Magnetized water can also be taken by the healthy persons for improving digestion and for getting rid of weakness and tiredness associated with the day to day activities of life.

Dr. H.T. Bolakanli has written his book ‘Secrets of Magnet Therapy’ that the Europeans go to a place called ‘Evian’ in France to seek relief from various ailments of kidney, exhaustion, gout, and obesity as well as prematurely growing old. Every cure at this place is based on ‘Evian Water’ which flows from a spring.

This water packaged in bottles, is sold all over the France and widely used in homes and restaurants with other mineral waters.

This water is proclaimed beneficial for infants, dieresis, and intoxication, kidney troubles, arthritis, and gout, obesity and urinary ailments. It is believed that ‘Evian Water’ is nothing else but Magnetized Water.